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Our Solutions

WeFi provides a wide variety of customized solutions based on Vendor and Channel Partner requirements.

The competitive landscape for the IT Supply Chain Finance market is dominated by a small number of very large (mostly financial) corporations. This market dominance together with their lack of technology industry experience has stifled innovation and competition.

Technology Vendors and their Partners require a broad portfolio of financial products that address increasing balance sheet and working capital exposure. This is primarily driven by end user demands that have resulted in extended end-user buying cycles and ever increasing solution complexity.

In addition, Vendors and their Channel Partners deserve an improved technology experience. The industry is dependent on outdated systems. These systems lack access to critical market intelligence reports, rapid transaction flow and real time data. 

As a Fintech company, WeFi is leveraging IZZI, our state-of-the-art platform, to streamline and automate the provision of services in the marketplace. Together with our deep industry knowledge and ecosystem relationships, we offer industry-leading products and services that address our client’s market challenges.

Our commitment to our clients is an experience that will be underpinned by innovation, flexibility and speed. Unlike our competitors, this is all we do.

Benefits to OEM Vendors


Critical platform and technology innovation for a rapidly evolving and growing marketplace.


WeFi provides competitive funding costs and customized solutions depending on your business needs.


Reduce days sales outstanding and improve cash flow.

Cash Acceleration

Material cash acceleration compared to providing open account terms.

Credit & Collections

WeFi is responsible for all credit risk and collections on behalf of the Vendors.

Benefits to Channel Partners

Customized Solutions

Specific solutions to address business requirements.

Channel Growth

Focused on channel health rather than hindering growth with historical and antiquated processes.

Market Intelligence Data and Reporting

Data and analytics which aid better business decisions for the changing marketplace today and tomorrow.

Working Capital Liquidity

Provides working capital liquidity to help grow your business.


Increase days payable which improves cash flow.

WeFi Customer Experience

WeFi has worked with a wide variety of vendors and resellers, offering diverse financial solutions to enhance their businesses. Please see the different use cases to understand the different types of customers we serve and solutions we provide.