WeFi Technology Group is a Fintech company focused on providing innovative Supply Chain Finance solutions to the Information Technology industry. WeFi offers industry-leading financial products and services through our proprietary state-of-the-art Platform, IZZI.

The Co-Founders, John Schmidt and Adrian Liddiard, have over 45 years of technology and financing experience and a track record of building successful companies with an unbridled focus on customer experience and client satisfaction.

Our in-depth knowledge of Vendor and Channel technology markets, afford WeFi the insight to understand market trends to address the evolving technology landscape with innovative financial solutions. In order to grow with this evolving industry, WeFi created IZZI, the most innovative technology platform in the information technology space.

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About Us

By listening to our customers and understanding market trends, WeFi has created an all-inclusive solution to maximize your company's value.



Intelligent Digital Officer

IZZI has extensive experience working in the cloud, providing a secure platform solution with real time analytics and data reporting. IZZI works closely with all her clients, ensuring 24/7 access, on any device. Not only does IZZI provide real-time automated processing, she also provides machine learning insights to help her clients understand their businesses.

Meet the Senior Team

John Schmidt


Tony Naes

Chief Administrative Officer

Armand Brunelle

Managing Director, Technology

Adrian Liddiard


Tom Baumann

Chief Revenue Officer

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Elisa Vila 

General Manager, International 

Paula Pace 

Chief Risk Officer 

Laurent Langlade

SVP, Business Development


Nick Harwood 

SVP, Vendor Finance